How to book and plan the Hunting trip of a lifetime!

Posted On: April 09, 2020

The ultimate deer hunting guide for your next trip, whenever that may be!

Was 2020 your year to go on a hunting trip of a lifetime? But then COVID 19 got in the way? Make use of your time in isolation, and plan for your 2021 trip! Whether your dream hunting trip is overseas, or down the road, we’ve got you covered.

Call your mates and get amped!

Booking your hunting trip

First things first - Pick a species and a location

To make the planning process easier for your hunting trip, pick your species and location first!

When you’re picking your location, just remember that each destination will present a different game, with varying landscapes and terrain to put you to the test.

It’s also important to consider this; what do you want to get out of your hunt?

If you’re wanting to progress your skills as a hunter, naturally being in a unique and unfamiliar location will do this, and keep you on your toes. Determining how far out of your comfort zone you want to go can also be a good deciding factor. There are some extreme hunting locations around the world, so also choose an environment that you know sits within your hunting capabilities.

Once you have chosen your location, a travel agent is an easy way to get the rest of your trip organised, particularly if there are more than a couple of mates joining you for the trip. They will also seek out the cheaper flights, and locate accommodation and transport for between hunts.

Are guided hunts a good idea?

Guided tours are a great idea if you’re really wanting to improve your skills and aren’t confident tracking animals on the hunt, or finding the right location in unfamiliar country. Even if you are a confident hunter, in a foreign environment it can be a more enjoyable experience having the support and expertise of a guide at your fingertips. If you have chosen challenging terrain in an environment that’s known for dangerous weather conditions, a guided hunt is also a good idea for safety reasons. Local guides will have an advanced understanding of where the big game is, but also will be able to detect any potential hazards early such as severe weather trends, or known landscape dangers. Another bonus of guided tours is if you do get that trophy kill, your guide can also help you get it picked up and back home. Don’t sweat the big game stuff!

Packing for your hunting trip

Be over prepared!

So the saying goes, preparation prevents…... missing the shot when it counts!

As many hunters would know, anything can happen when you're camping and hunting in remote areas, it always pays to be prepared for when it matters most.

You wouldn’t play a game of football without understanding the game plan or without the right equipment, it should be the same when planning and packing for your hunting trip.

We have developed a hunting trip checklist, so that you don’t get to your destination and realise that you’re going to be either cold, underprepared or hungry! That’s when your hunting trip can take a turn for the worst.

Hunting Trip Checklist

    • BiPod
    • ZP-1 monopod
    • Camo (destination appropriate)
    • Clothing (layers appropriate for conditions)
    • Water container
    • Rifle
    • Bullets
    • Boots (already broken in)
    • Backpack
    • Food
    • Tent
    • Sleeping Bag/pillow
    • Towel
    • Head torch (spare batteries)
    • Binoculars/rangefinder
    • First aid kit
    • Lighter
    • Knife
    • Rope

Make sure you have all the gear

Good quality hunting gear and accessories can make all the difference when going on a hunting trip, especially those longer trips to ensure safety and. Wearing the right clothing will make your trip more enjoyable wether hunting from ridge to ridge, sitting and glassing, or stalking for the stag of a lifetime.

Different pieces of equipment and accessories also make it much easier when lugging a backpack over long walking distances. The ZP-1 monopod is the perfect example of a piece of hunting equipment that can save weight and effort, weighing just under 200grams, it’s a lighter alternative than a sandbag or similar. The ZP-1 monopod is designed to work perfectly when paired with your favourite bipod and automatically adjusts for quick target aquisition when it counts.

Learn more about the benefits of the ZP-1 here. We recommend you get one on your rifle NOW. You’re ‘missing’ out, quite literally!

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