The ZP-1 is an innovative product designed for rifles to shoot more accurately - hassle-free!

So what does ZP-1 stand for?

ZP – Zero Pulse, whether you’re talking about the shooter, with an elevated heart rate affecting accuracy, or the result down range when taking the trophy of a lifetime!

1 – is for the single stabilising leg!

The Journey

After many years of shooting and hunting, Gavin Lewis wanted to find a better way to enhance shooting accuracy without needing to carry sandbags or other accessories. After years of R&D and experimentation, the first functioning prototype was ready for testing. The first version was designed to be integrated/fitted directly in to the stock.

The first prototype was designed using a conventional strut, however it didn’t deliver the desired results. What it did confirm, was that by adding a third point of contact to the rear of the rifle that would automatically respond and deliver stability during the normal target acquisition process delivered the potential Gavin had imagined. The strut just didn’t deliver the control and hold-on ability that Gavin believed was possible. Work then began on a better solution and a specially designed unit using hydraulic dampening was developed to meet the needs of ZP-1. Working with a German company, Stabilus, many prototypes were developed until the custom designed damper was delivering the results Gavin was hoping for.

The ZP-1 was then put through hours of field testing with thousands of rounds of ammunition being fired with amazing results. During this testing the ZP-1 confirmed that it made target acquisition faster, that it also improved accuracy, and it was something you could depend on to deliver unparalleled hold-on ability and confidence.

The ZP-1’s patented design uses hydraulic dampening that has specifically been designed for carefully controlled rifle stabilisation. The dampened reflex action provides fast, accurate and dependable results that has to be experienced to be believed!

This version delivered all the functionality and performance that Gavin had hoped for, however had limitations. Two main limitations being; ease of installation and model/stock profile options.

With the purpose of delivering a ZP-1 to as many shooters as possible, meant the design needed to be challenged and pushed further. This is when work began designing the ZP-1 to become a replacement option to existing recoil pads.

At this point after spending many hours discussing the ZP-1 with Graeme Walker (a good friend and also a passionate shooter), a decision was made for Graeme to be involved in the journey. Together, Gavin and Graeme, focussed their energy on designing and prototyping the ZP-1 to incorporate a recoil pad and fit to rifles with minimal change to the overall length of pull.

With the aid of 3D printing numerous designs were prototyped and tested until the final ZP-1 design was settled on (mind you I don’t think Gavin and Graeme really minded having an excuse to go shooting!).

Another important component of the ZP-1 is the recoil pad. The recoil pad that’s incorporated into the ZP-1 is made from rubber specifically designed to reduce shock absorption and felt recoil from high calibre rifles.

The ZP-1 is designed as a direct fit to most Sako and Tikka rifles and fits most other brands by using the a specially designed adapter plate. The adapter plate has been cleverly designed to be easily modified where necessary for various rifle stocks fulfilling the dream to make the ZP-1 available to as many shooters as possible.

Gavin and Graeme have spent the last few years shooting and hunting testing the ZP-1 in all environments and situations. The results and responses from fellow shooters who tried the ZP-1 confirmed that it’s time to take this game changing product to market.