The patented design uses hydraulic dampening that has specifically been designed for carefully controlled rifle stabilisation. The dampened reflex action provides fast, accurate and dependable results that have to be experienced to be believed!


The ZP-1 monopod ensures the target is acquired with speed,control and greater accuracy – allowing the shot to be made without hesitation and with complete confidence. Other methods rely on manual adjustment or utilisation of bulky accessories such as sandbags. Teamed with a bipod, the ZP-1 monopod is ready to go with the push of a button and automatically delivers stability throughout the natural process of target acquisition. Whether it be the first or follow up shots the ZP-1 monopod ensures confidence without hesitation!


The ZP-1 rifle monopod helps you rapidly acquire the target and place your shot with extreme accuracy – even after physical exertion when breathing and heart rates are elevated. An oil-dampened reflex action ensures the ZP-1 monopod responds smoothly when acquiring targets at varying elevations. The third point of contact means first shot accuracy, as well as consistent accuracy on subsequent shots. When combined with a quality rifle and premium ammunition, the ZP-1 will take a shooter's accuracy and confidence to new levels. The ZP-1 monopod stands alone when it comes to long range accuracy ensuring you’re always on point!


Used in tandem with a bipod, the ZP-1 monopod creates a stable, dependable shooting platform and instils greater confidence shot after shot. Whether used once-a-week or once-a-year the ZP-1 monopod is designed for people that don’t like to miss. The ZP-1 delivers unrivalled hold on ability time after time, at the range in the field or on the hunt.


The ZP-1 is a light weight monopod that integrates seamlessly to the rifle stock and is quickly deployed with the simple push of a button. By integrating the ZP-1 into the stock, the opportunity for it to catch on clothing and foliage is significantly reduced when compared to other systems. The ZP-1monopod is easily installed to a wide variety of stocks and completely eliminates the weight, bulk and inconvenience of conventional alternatives used for stability such as sandbags, shooting rests or benches.

Tailored to fit – push button ready!