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Posted On: March 27, 2020

We touched base with ZP-1 winner Brodie, after his last hunting trip to Townsville, to see how he liked his new hunting accessory!

Brodie from Tasmania, was the lucky winner of a ZP-1 monopod through our Facebook competition earlier this year. We touched base with him after his last hunting trip to Townsville, to see how he liked his new ZP-1!

“I’m always onto my mates asking them if they have purchased a ZP-1 monopod yet!”

Tell us about your last hunting trip.

I was fortunate enough to spend some time in Townsville mid-January chasing chital with Dan Smith from Dan Smith Safaris. My mate and I where luckily to come away with a trophy Chital each, mine measuring 31.5 inches, an outstanding trophy. Dan and his wife were very accommodating, from top camp meals to good banter, also showing us around to check out a few of his mates' amazing trophy rooms. Can highly recommend Dan if heading up north for a hunt.

What model and calibre rifle did you fit the ZP-1 to?

I fitted the ZP-1 to my tikka t3 in 270win and also to my Sako 85 hunter in 300win.

What do you like most about the ZP-1?

I love how quick and easy it is to set up in the moment. It saves trying to prop the butt up with a bag or bino case for those long shots. With the soft recoil pad as an added bonus. 

Would you recommend the ZP-1 to your mates?

I would highly recommend the ZP-1 to my mates, after using it. I’m always into them asking if they have purchased one yet. 

What species were you targeting?

We were targeting Chital deer, wild pigs and wild dogs.

Was that your first hunting trip outside of Tasmania?

No, luckily it wasn’t, I was fortunate enough to travel to New Zealand in June 2019 with 2 good mates to chase Tahr and Chamois. Hunting with Aaron Kent from Hunting Down Under. I also managed to squeeze a Sambar trip in November 2019 in the Vic high country chasing the ghost!

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