Stock and rifle upgrade for a trusty Tikka T3 7mm Magnum.

Posted On: March 31, 2020

We thought we would share a recent stock and bipod upgrade, Graeme from ZP-1 is really happy with the end result.

We just can't wait for this virus to pass and get a few shots through the new setup!

Set up details

Pictured above is the stock and bipod upgrade ready for the trusty Tikka T3 7mm Magnum action and barrel.

Stock featured in the set up is a Hi-Tec Tactical Hunter by Hardy Rifle Engineering New Zealand. (purchased from Sports Hut Tasmania) fitted with a matching carbon fibre bipod. The ZP-1 wasn’t a perfect fit with the unique stock profile, but after shaping and fitting the adapter plate I’m happy with the end result.

Finished setup

I’ve only had a chance to do a quick test sight in with the new stock and things look promising. Can’t wait to set up some targets and see how it groups.

If you want to complete your set up with a ZP-1, you can get yours here.

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