Early morning success with the ZP-1 monopod!

Posted On: June 25, 2020

What it’s really like to get out and hunt with the addition of a ZP-1 monopod.

We heard from Luke Witt who is a keen hunter from Tasmania, and has just purchased a ZP-1 monopod. For those wondering what all the hype is about, let us introduce you to the ZP-1 monopod, it’s a serious game-changer!

This is what Luke had to say about his last hunt with the ZP-1 monopod:

I thought I would give you a bit of feedback from a recent hunt.

I headed off early, parked, geared up and walked to my usual log sit to wait for some light. I did the usual, got excited about deer shapes that don't move! Waited and glassed for about an hour - nothing.

Upon checking the farm animals on the flats down off the hill I noticed a mob of deer, they were the only deer I could see so the 1.8km walk down off the hill was underway fairly quickly. At the halfway mark I pulled up to make sure the run wasn't in vein and I noticed another mob of 3 stags running up the hill, my target(s) were a bit flighty but still in the same area.

I was jumping fences and opening gates as quickly and quietly as possible. Finally getting to within 500m where I was wide open and had been spotted. I managed to get some cover and continue closing range until I was within 350m but had a creek and wire fence in front of me. I got across the creek without getting wet feet and managed to get up on the bank and poke the muzzle through the fence. The rangefinder said 297m, turned the Steiner BT to 300, popped out the ZP1 and even though I had just run 1.7km, things were rock steady. Squeezed the trigger on the Tikka T3 .300WinMag and one on the deck!

The mob did the usual run in circles trying to figure out what the hell just happened, then when they stopped “bang” and another went down. 2 was more than enough work for me for the day! Now hanging in the shed for a couple of cold nights before boning and a roast or some nice steaks on the weekend.

“The ZP-1 was the difference between being able to take that shot or not, especially after all the running. Like I said, rock-steady. Brilliant!”

Get your hands on a ZP-1 today!

The ZP-1 is the ultimate auto stabilising monopod, designed for people who don't like to miss. the patented design uses hydraulic dampening that has specifically been designed for carefully controlled stabilisation. The dampened reflex action provides fast, accurate and dependable results that have to be experienced to be believed!

A game-changer at the range, in the field or on the hunt, get yours here.

ZP-1 is currently only available for purchase In Australia and New Zealand.

For other International purchases please enquire.